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Can People’s Lobby’s citizen-initiated World Service Corps legislation pass and change the world?

San Francisco Bay Indy News, by Dwayne Hunn, August 22, 2005 

Are citizens sometimes ahead of their legislators?  Is America ’s best resource in difficult times the character, skill, and initiative of its people?  Then one of the best answers to the increasingly dangerous problems confronting us today is in introducing and passing the citizen-initiated World Service Corps proposals in Congress

Mill Valley man proposes 'warm, productive, civilian draft' for American youth  Mill Valley Herald, Marin Scope chain April 5-11, 2005. 

Winning Constitutional strategy for Scott Ritter... and Sun Tzu  Daily Kos, May 30, 2008.  Dwayne Hunn.  

Unfortunately, restating the Constitution does not provide anti-war activists, political parties, progressives, etc., a strategy that produces a character-rich public policy, which would only rarely include warring.


Winning strategy for Scott Ritter, Sun Tzu, and our Constitutional goal of promoting the general welfare, Op-Ed News.  Digg News by Dwayne Hunn

Americans are capable of building a strategy to change the character of America’s public policy to one that successfully wages peace via pushing People’s Lobby’s citizen-initiated American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals. For a nation founded on “We the people...” citizen-initiated legislation should become more commonplace.

Op-ed news and DIGG News, May 7, 2008

Draft:  How the Anti-War movement can win -- now and for the long termMore effective tactics, strategies, time, and resources can quell the dumbed down drumbeat to war into whic our naiton too often falls.  This is a response to Scott Ritter's,Art Of War For The Anti-War Movement.”  
How anti-war advocates can beat the pro-war oligarchy.. Silence the war drum beat by Dwayne Hunn Friday Feb 16th, 2007 9:45 AM 
Why does America slough in quagmires like Vietnam? Stupidly buy into stumbling into Iraqi wars that allow enemies to wear down our military and economy? Who brainwashed America into a war psyche as an answer to all problems? Does the peace movement need better tactics, strategies, time, and energy deployment to beat down the drumbeats that lead us to war? Scott Ritter thinks so, as does Peoples Lobby. There is an art to war, as there is to law making and the peace movement needs to use both better


San Francisco can better handle the next Big Quake with the World Service Corps, By Dwayne Hunn, April  30, 2006, Indy News

"What’s one of the best ways to prepare for the next Big Quake?  Have thousands of skilled, can-do Americans already trained, working, and knowing what to do the day after.  Implementing the citizen-initiated World Service Corps Congressional Proposals does this, while simultaneously dealing with international disasters and needs."