“This country runs on laws.  If you want to change the country, write its laws.”

People’s Lobby Founders, Edwin & Joyce Koupal


Seven years after passage, People’s Lobby’s citizen-initiated American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals would have one million Americans annually and voluntarily serving for the ensuing 20 years.  They would choose to serve at home or abroad in their choice of governmental or non-governmental organizations.  Organizations under the nominally staffed AWSC umbrella would include Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Head Start, Doctors without Borders, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, State Conservation Corps, etc.  Other secular, lesser-known, do-good organizations would have a process through which they could be added to the list requesting and receiving AWSC volunteers.

America would keep one million volunteers per year (within 5% of one million) serving for 20 consecutive years before sun-setting the legislation would be considered.  Over 27 years, 21 million Americans would deal with poverty, climate change, myopic hatreds, etc., by serving at HOME and ABROAD.  They would help improve America and the world, while dramatically raising our and the world’s public policy IQ and reducing terrorist recruitment.  (The key AWSC proposed bill is at

http://www.worldservicecorps.us/world%20service%20key%20proposal%202yr%20volunteer.htm )

The AWSC’s umbrella organization’s small staff would primarily be responsible for providing the financial incentives promised to those who serve.  The financial incentives include either: a) paying two years of community plus two years of state college tuition (approximately $17,000) -- or the equivalent: b) deposited into IRA or Medical Health Savings accounts; c) used as a home down payment; d) taken as a tax credit.  Volunteers will also receive a cash readjustment allowance of $225. per month of service, as Peace Corps volunteers do.  Volunteers may transfer these financial rewards to a person or non-profit institution of their choice. 

In 2007, when hidden, supplemental, off budget, and long-term costs are included, each one of our 1.4 million military personnel costs American taxpayers about 600,000 per year. In 2009 some estimates put this cost at $1 million per soldier.  Spending the estimated $35,000 per AWSC volunteer saves lots of money. 

The AWSC proposal lists six traditional and six non-traditional financing streams.  http://www.worldservicecorps.us/financing_awsc.htm  At a time when Americans are becoming increasingly aware of income and wealth disparities, one of our non-traditional funding streams, The Forbes 400 Voluntary 2% Solution alone could fund this AWSC governmental investment of 27 years of having 21 million Americans addressing problems at home and abroad.


The AWSC Congressional Proposals is much more robust than the nice Kennedy National Service Bill because the world has big problems that requires marshalling large forces. 

Those suffering from poverty, starvation, natural disasters, ignorance, as well as American voters and history itself will recognize the vision of the original sponsors of this needed legislation.

 By building and involving an army of serving Americans, you can help establish healthy, long lasting, cost-effective change at HOME and ABROAD.


“If the Pentagon’s map is more urgent, the Peace Corp’s is, perhaps, in the long run the most important..... What happens in India, Africa, and South America -- whether the nations where the Peace Corps works succeed or not -- may well determine the balance of peace.”

  Sarge Shriver 


The Key AWSC proposed bill is at http://www.worldservicecorps.us/world%20service%20key%20proposal%202yr%20volunteer.htm

AWSC summary info with links to details


Comcast’s Local Edition's Jerry Hanson on the AWSC.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFMVeRVTvm4 5 min.

Peace Conference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRbaWfRantA  8 min.

KMTV’s VanDusen PresentsAWSC Congressional Proposals 12-08, 28 minutes


Extensive print coverage at http://www.worldservicecorps.us/coverage.htm




President uses “Nobel's mo” to change the world, OPed News, Dwayne Hunn   10-15-09 Article Location: http://www.opednews.com/articles/President-uses--Nobel-s-by-Dwayne-Hunn-091012-406.html


Rethinking America 's Involvement, OPEd News, Oct 3, 2009

Time Magazine (9-21-09) again interviews the Obamas on one of their favorite subjects, “Volunteerism,” while headlining how we must become accustomed to high unemployment and underemployment.



Hey Russia!  Let's team up. DailyKos, July 19, 20000  

"It must be a sustained effort among the American and Russian people to identify mutual interests, and to expand dialogue and cooperation that can pave the way to progress."

or paste http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/7/19/755224/-Hey-Russia...-Lets-team-up


Peace Corps Online: 2009.05.09: May 9, 2009: Headlines: COS ...
By implementing People's Lobby's American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals, your administration will score big with today's concerned and ...


Open Letter to General Contractor Barack Obama ,Op Ed News, May 9, 2009  or click to: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Open-Letter-to-General-Con-by-Dwayne-Hunn-090506-959.html


Been there, Done that.  

In a resource shrinking global village where WMDs proliferate,  it’s essential that many more understand the complexities of place and the similarities behind every face that comes from working with others turning needs into opportunities.

In the developed world where pixels dominate so many experiences, it’s essential that twittering videos not be the foundation upon which a nation’s world view, character, and public policy is built.


Need revenues? Add a few flush tax brackets

When today's wealth accumulation is more concentrated than in 1999, when the richest 1% (about 2.7 million people) has as much to spend after taxes as the bottom 100 million, isn't it time to go back and add a top tax bracket or two that worked? http://www.opednews.com/articles/Need-revenues--Add-a-few-by-Dwayne-Hunn-090302-292.html


Investing in a peaceful future through an escrowed AWSC account

Our military teams achieve Herculean feats. Until we field robust nation building teams, our troops will too often face bloody feats. People's Lobby's American World Service Corps (AWSC) Congressional Proposals provides creative financing mechanisms that funds armies of peace, whose feats all admire. Push your Congressional representatives to join Congresswoman Woolsey in cosponsoring the AWSC Congressional proposals... or paste




Jeff Farias Radio Show Thursday 10-8-09 4:00 - 4:30 PAcfic Time, http://www.thejefffariasshow.com/?page_id=5 

Bob Kincaid’s Head On Radio, September 15, 2009 archive or


Move slider to about 37 minutes for 90 minute interview on People’s Lobby, AWSC, public policy, etc.  (877) 443-2366


The Jeff Farias Radio Show podcast on AWSC, September 2009

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800-385-1566 to call in or leave comment

"The Full Spectrum Warfare America needs to wage,"

Speech to Marin Philosophic Society.  (5-19-09, about 60 minutes.)


Peter Laufer Show on 9-14-09 on American World Service Corps  or paste http://a1135.g.akamai.net/f/1135/18227/1h/cchannel.download.akamai.com/18227/podcast/SANFRANCISCO-CA/KKGN-AM/PeterLaufer_091408_Hr1.mp3?CPROG=PCAST&MARKET=SANFRANCISCO-CA&NG_FORMAT=progressivetalk&SITE_ID=5257&STATION_ID=KKGN-AM&PCAST_AUTHOR=Peter_Laufer_/_Green960&PCAST_CAT=News_%26_Politics&PCAST_TITLE=Sunday_with_Peter_Laufer or play the mp3 at this web site by clicking here


10 minutes with Peter B. Collins on Martin Luther King Day of National Service. 1-19-09 Click her to play from this web site.  To listen at radio site, click AWSC on Peter B on MLKing Day .  Or search Collins archives at http://green960.com/cc-common/podcast/single_podcast.html?podcast=peterbcollins.xml 


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