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KWMR with Susan Santiago on Peace Corps and AWSC 2013

kwmr_radiosantiagoawsc2013.mp3 3:30 Pacific Time on 1-15-10 &  1-18-10 show, 3:30 p.m.  


Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of America.


Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.   

Worli  Mumbhai chawls & school kids 2002


Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizen who would protect the rights and privileges of free people and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage.
            President  Eisenhower



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How pay for AWSC 27 year tab?


Our Lady's Home Orphanage 2002 Mumbai, India, one of my Peace Corps work sites.


Peoples Lobby Press Release MDCC AWSC Support Resolution 2-2007


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Key Contacts 3-2010

Want to build some support for the AWSC Congressional Proposal?

Ask your social network to bend Colbert Nation’s ears… Read this: "Like" what you read, and, if you know Colbert, get us on his highness' air.  Oprah would work too.  Jim Evans, Ph.D., and former Marine Force Recon,whose years of service during the Vietnam War all took place doing "deconstruction" work in North Vietnam, introduces People's Lobby's Dwayne Hunn. The "Why build these cities beautiful..." AWSC talk to the La Jolla Democratic Club on March 17, 2013 lasts about 40 minutes. Audio only. MP3.

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Zero Dark 30 in the toilet  OpedNews, 1-16-2013, Dwayne Hunn
While buying a ticket to view how dark the world was becoming, the movie house manager told a half dozen anxious teenagers trying to buy a ticket to 0 Dark 30, "You need an adult with you," causing them to text someone. Were they like most of us at that invincible age, yearning to see how they too could be buffed-up, high tech heroes? Before it was too dark, would they learn there were other, smarter ways to be heroes?

Haiti Habitat Carter Build, Precursor of...   OpedNews,  12-24-2012,  Dwayne Hunn
Will a new Congress have enough vision to address world needs with a peaceful, cost effective army that helps everyone get along and live better? We need to build the ranks of Habitats, Peace Corps, CCC's, etc., to deal with the future, which is what People's Lobby's American World Service Corps Congressional Proposal does. Learn more and help make it happen.

Last minute graphic blitz that turned Ohio around   OpedNews, 11-17-2012, Dwayne Hunn

Graphically speaking, are these pictures why Ohio and other Blue States, who provide revenue to the Red States, choose to leave billionaire tv ad campaigns on the fabricated editing room floor and vote to change the enclosed pictures in the real world.  Yeph!  See why we think so.

What's MPC & MPS got to do with me?   OpedNews, 8-21-2012, Dwayne Hunn
Understanding MPC & MPS is essential to understanding "What's the Matter With Kansas"" and America. And more Americans need to know how their MPC & MPS is being manipulated, so they can fix what's wrong...  If not, middle and lower class Americans will continue to be dumbed down by faux news economic analysis.

Threshing "tef" in Ethiopia   OpedNews, 7-19-2012, Dwayne Hunn

Where are you from? What color was your sperm or ovum? Why did you get the lottery ticket that allows you to read this on the internet? What makes a Bible preaching, chest thumping American so much better than the rest of the world? Didn't many of our ancestors come here as part of the world's discarded riff-raff? "Can't we all just get along?" Does it take a village? Aren't we zygotes from the same village?

Commuting for American Priests & Ethiopian Security
OpedNews,  4-29-2012, Dwayne Hunn 

As phony & stupid wars bleed economic and human needs worldwide, Americans increasingly hear & vent about race, religion, fear, & one-upsmanship that ballyhoos America as #1, as well as morally superior. Travel that puts dirt under fingernails might help Americans see a more meaningful world and how a nation once blessed with being #1 should react in it, which implementing People's Lobby's AWSC could do.


State of Our Job Seeking Union: Shrinking our military and employing a new, more needed army.    

OpedNews, Dwayne Hunn1-30-2012,

The AWSC Congressional Proposal is a robust 1)Jobs 2)Learning & serving 3)Terrorist erasing 4) Hearts & mind winning 5) Hard to corrupt 6) Cost effective 7)Clean & simple 8)Needed program that, with America's leadership, could drive other nations to build similar peaceful, productive service corps that would in time erase the stupid mentality that keeps waging wars and replace it with one that learns and builds.

An army of volunteers for peace   01/08/2012 OPed News, Dwayne  Hunn
With 7 billion people stumbling into a resource, climate, and economically challenged 21st century, this updated OpEd is a relevant today as it was when an earlier version appeared in the Marin IJ in January of 2003 calling for a different kind of army to augment our military.

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Happy Days? Sending a battalion of plumbers...
Appreciate what you have and make it and you grow. An exceptional nation grows from expanding the special deeds making ability of its people, which then grows a more involved, smarter, and bigger middle class at home and abroad. It's just what America, and most nations need, amidst today's blabbering-media, post-bubble, trickle-down societies.


My best reading and thinking is often done on my bathroom throne.  

On Thanksgiving Day evening, after Ciprofloxacin had stuffed away the diarrhea, I was back to my sanitary throne after weeks of a poneering Habitat for Humanity Latrine Building Project in the overwhelming slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The filthy, hard work and wonderful people will remain etched in my memory.  But, as often happens, those poignant experiences made me wonder about the bigger picture as, like so many Americans, I looked down from my seat of power.  

Needed: Updated and worldly 21st century CCC/WPA. 

Oped News October 2011

When we were by far the strongest economy in the world, some power-that-be scared many Americans about dominoes falling.  It was an era when our enemies couldn't splurge enough to buy a dozen domino game sets.   So we wasted $698 billion (inflation adjusted), lost over 58,000 Americans, left about 2 million Vietnamese civilians and about 1.25 million Vietnamese soldiers dead -- to stop those scary dominoes from falling.

We learned so much from our Vietnam disaster, we blew $4 trillion trumping-up an Iraq War where about 300,000 Iraqis died, because our public policy knowledge had been dumbed-down to the depth of a melted popsicle stick.


"This is BS..." Trumped-up war, deaths, PTSD, foreclosures...

"This is BS..." Trumped-up war, deaths, PTSD, foreclosures...Sept 7, 2011 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Fighting Too Many High-Stepping, Booted Soldiers
(1 comments) If Jesus lived as a human to show us "The Way", why don't we emulate and support Christian actions and besmirch the hypocritical stuff that parades as "Christian" done by humans today?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011