People’s Lobby’s American World Service Corps Congressional Proposals

People’s Lobby Background

People’s Lobby Inc. (PLI) has a storied history of proposing, initiating, qualifying, and passing nonpartisan laws that benefit ordinary citizens (  Peoples Lobby was an initiative factory and training grounds for grassroots organizations that believed the words of PLI’s founders, Ed and Joyce Koupal.

 “This country runs on laws.  If you want to change the country, write its laws.”

Today PLI is using its “initiative” history to build a movement that will introduce and pass the citizen proposed American World Service Corps legislation that will improve the world.  To educate enough Americans to pass that legislation, we need your help.  People Lobby Education Foundation (501C3) is the educational and research arm of Peoples Lobby Inc. (501C4).

  What is the American World Service Corps?

If the citizen-initiated, nonpartisan American World Service Corps (AWSC) congressional proposals were passed into law in the upcoming year, then seven years from now one million additional Americans (less than 1% of those aged 20-60) would voluntarily serve their nation at home or abroad in their choice of the: Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, Head Start, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, OxFam, Mercy Corps, State Conservation Corps, etc.  The AWSC would not be a large new bureaucracy.  Its small-staffed umbrella organization would funnel America’s best resources – can-do Americans -- to effective, existing organizations.

Upon completion of service, volunteers or their designees would receive:

·           Two years of community college plus two years of state college tuition (apx.  $17,000), or

·           An equivalent amount paid into a Medical Savings or IRA account, as a home down payment, or as tax credits. 

·           Cash readjustment allowance equivalent to what a Peace Corps volunteer receives. (Apx.  $225.  per month served)

When passed, the AWSC legislation would be among the most significant legislation passed  – and produce the most inspiring results -- in decades. 


The AWSC will: 

·      Raise America and the world’s future policymaking IQ to a common sense and admirable level. 

·      Reward more Americans with an indelible, practical education in the world’s classroom that dwarfs Ivy Towered learning. 

·      Build a peaceful, productive army, slightly smaller than our military army, that the 21st century needs to nation build and erases ignorant stereotypes, costly wars, and terrorism.


                           What the AWSC would do

Implementing the AWSC into law strengthens America at home and abroad by:

·         Raising America’s political IQ, thereby bettering our public policies.

·         Winning hearts and minds.