Beryl, Utah

Beryl, Utah is located within the boundaries of Iron County. Most people think of Beryl, Utah as a town. Actually, Beryl town, an old Union Pacific Railroad stop, is about 13 miles north of highway 56 or Beryl Junction, and is pretty much a ghost town now. Most people in the area think of Beryl Junction, as the town since it does have a few things to offer.

Beryl Junction, is located where highways 56 and 18 intersect. On highway 18 you will travel north and south and on highway 56 you travel east or west. At the Junction there are several commercial buildings including a small café, the new Escalante Valley Elementary School, and the old Escalante Valley Elementary School, across the street.
The local power company is to the east as well as a few other businesses, and to the south a block or so is a tire center and repair shop.

Escalante Valley Elementary School
202 North Beryl Hwy, HC 76 Box 101 Principal: Lenora A. Roundy
Beryl, UT 84714 Tel: 435-439-5556

Some nine miles east is New Castle, Utah where the local Post Office is located.

Some 30 miles further east is Cedar City, Utah.
To the west about 15 miles is the small town of Modena, Utah. It is on highway 56 heading towards the Nevada border.
South of Beryl, is the larger town of Enterprise, Utah. and is located within the boundaries of Washington County.

Washington County is one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Utah. It is home to St. George, Utah.
Dixie College is located in St. George, offering art exhibits and other attractions throughout the year.

Cedar City, Utah is home to Southern Utah University, The Shakespearean Festival, Brian Head Resort and the spectacular Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Beryl, Utah and the western side of Iron County are located in the Escalante Valley.

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