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Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The world’s largest natural bridge

Actually, the largest natural stone bridge would be quite easy to reach if there were not the Lake Powell Reservoir in the way. This makes the journey by land impossible. Therefore, the vast sandstone arch is now accessible only from flooded Glen Canyon – and must be ‘hiked’ from the dock via one of the two official routes.

The ‘Rainbow Bridge’ got its name from the Navajos, who worshiped this stone arch called ‘Nonnezoshi’ (literally translated as ‘petrified rainbow’) as a sanctuary. Not only the … Read post

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Monument Valley

Probably the best known and most famous motifs of the western part of the US are the huge rocks in Monument Valley. The isolated red chalkboard and remnants, surrounded by an empty, sandy desert, have been filmed and photographed countless times for movies, brochures, and commercials.

Even at first glance, this panorama is familiar. The bright and strong colors – as you already know from the many pictures – actually correspond to reality. Monument Valley is not a ‘valley’ in the true sense of the word, but rather a vast, … Read post

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Salt Lake City

The friendly city with its spectacular location is named after the Great Salt Lake in the west with its inedible, alkaline waters. However, Salt Lake City does not suffer from a lack of water because the metropolis, which stretches along the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch Range in the east, gets first-class drinking water from the mountains.

You can use a zip code lookup service to find a zip code you need for Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States, or any country of the world. Since 1847 SLC is … Read post

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Zion National Park: Utah’s most legendary natural wonder Massive cliffs and towering cliffs

High plateaus, mazes of narrow, deep sandstone canyons and impressive rock formations characterize Zion National Park. They originated when the Virgin River made its way through the rocks and left the spectacular canyons 600 to 1,000 meters deep. The earth layers were pushed up, tilted and flushed out. For example, “The Grand Staircase” – a series of red-colored rocks that stretch between Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon.

Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon are probably the most famous gorges of Zion National Park. The Old Hebrew word “Zion” was often used … Read post

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Utah – Scenic Highlights in the Land of Mormons

“The Mighty 5” – Five stunning national parks

Not a single US state has so many breathtaking national parks as close together as it does in southern Utah. The Mighty 5 – also known as Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks – is one of South West USA’s top nature sensations. There are also 43 state parks, seven national monuments and two national recreational areas.

For years, Utah’s license plate featured the skier and the kit, “Greatest Snow on Earth.” In fact, the snow-capped peaks of … Read post

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Ogden, Utah Part 2

Trail Etiquette

Yielding Rules Leave pets at home whenever possible or keep leashed.

If you do have a pet with you, please, clean up after them.

Stay on established trails. Cutting across switchbacks promotes soil erosion and increases trail maintenance costs.

Pack out all trash.

Courtesy counts!

Step to the downhill side of the trail when meeting horses and talk in a low voice to the riders. This calms the horses.
Mountain Bikers

Yield to all other trail users. When approaching hikers from ahead or behind, make your presence … Read post

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Ogden, Utah

If you have questions about Ogden City, most likely you have come to the right section. In this section you will find information to treat your curiosity or it will guarantee fun things to do around town. In each section of the Ogden City web site there is information that will make your life easier.

Come learn about the Ogden City web page and search the history, general policies, privacy policies, and even give us feedback. We hope you are pleased with the results of our work, and look forward … Read post

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Modena, Utah

Modena, Utah is a small community of Iron County in the southwestern 1/4 of the state of Utah. Modena, was once a booming railroad and mining town with a population of nearly 3,500.
Off highway 56 heading west from Cedar City towards the Nevada border, it is secluded and filled with wild life.
Wild horses, burros, elk, deer, and other big game are easily seen from the nearby roads and trails. The mountainous areas are home to some of the largest wild horse herds in the western United States. Wild … Read post

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Enterprise, Utah

Enterprise is located in the southwest 1/4 of the state of Utah, south of Iron County, and and is about 40 miles north of St. George on highway 18 in the northwest 1/4 of Washington County.
Enterprise, has an elevation of about 5240 feet above sea level and is surrounded by mountains except to the north.
Looking north from Enterprise you see the Escalante Valley, in Iron County.
To the east, Bench Road runs north and south along The Old Spanish Trail to or from New Castle, in Iron … Read post

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Beryl, Utah

Beryl, Utah is located within the boundaries of Iron County. Most people think of Beryl, Utah as a town. Actually, Beryl town, an old Union Pacific Railroad stop, is about 13 miles north of highway 56 or Beryl Junction, and is pretty much a ghost town now. Most people in the area think of Beryl Junction, as the town since it does have a few things to offer.

Beryl Junction, is located where highways 56 and 18 intersect. On highway 18 you will travel north and south and on highway … Read post

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