Ogden, Utah

If you have questions about Ogden City, most likely you have come to the right section. In this section you will find information to treat your curiosity or it will guarantee fun things to do around town. In each section of the Ogden City web site there is information that will make your life easier.

Come learn about the Ogden City web page and search the history, general policies, privacy policies, and even give us feedback. We hope you are pleased with the results of our work, and look forward to the continuing development of odgencity.com as the city’s virtual city hall.

Do you wonder how Ogden City spends their money? Are you curious about budget information? If you are interested in graphs about budgeted revenues, budgeted expenditures and more, visit the Budget page.

The Ogden City Telephone Directory is a helpful tool to help you find numbers to all Ogden City employees.

The Community Profile link is great for those that are interested in the demographics of Ogden City. Your desire will also be met if you crave an economic analysis of the Ogden community.

If you don’t know who Peter Skene Ogden is, a famous fur trapper in the early 1800’s, you will want to visit Ogden City History. Here you will find a brief 30-paragraph history of the Ogden area starting in the early 1800’s up to today.

The Average Temperature in Ogden during July is a pleasant 76 degrees. For more interesting facts, for example the elevation of Ogden go to Location & Climate

If you need to know the location of your kids school, zoning and land use, or where a certain facility is, go to Maps. It will enable you to navigate through Ogden and the surrounding areas. You can zoom in and even print out the maps you need.

The general local laws of the City are contained in the Ogden Municipal Code. For specific laws and explanations go to Municipal Code

Many people are interested about the Recent News in Ogden. In this section you will read about the current hot topics and also changes that Ogden City has made or is going to make. Don’t miss out on this informative section.

If you have a frequently asked question such as how long does it take to get a permit you may get your answer in FAQ’s. If your question is not answered Kate Hampton’s Phone number and E-mail address is listed for further help.

Here is an archive of all the recent Press Releases.

Many people have expressed concerns about The Ogden City Mall. You will find an extensive question and answer section that will answer any question you may wish to know about the plans for the Ogden City Mall and philosophies about why it wasn’t successful.

We have so much to offer those who are looking for Things to do in Ogden. This is a great city with many great activities both individually and for your whole family. Here you will get many great ideas on how to have a wonderful time in Ogden.

A great way for visitors to find out places to visit is to click on Visitor Information. This also gives visitors many links that enables them to look at the forecast, Utah Transit Authority information, skiing conditions, and many other helpful hints to make their stay enjoyable.

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